"Clinically predictive preclinical efficacy testing services at your disposal"

Jussi Halleen - CEO, Pharmatest Services

R&D programs

Pharmatest offers efficacy models for oncology and skeletal diseases, and it is our strategy to constantly develop new models and improve existing models within these indication areas. Our primary focus for R&D in the coming years is in oncology. Within oncology our focus is in orthotopic and metastasis models especially in cancers that develop bone metastases, such as breast, prostate and lung cancer and multiple myeloma, and in other cancers with unmet clinical need and large drug development activities.

Pharmatest is currently involved in two 3-year projects funded by EU programs that started in September/October 2015. In ACT project funded through Eurostars program Pharmatest develops novel types of breast cancer models and xenograft and syngeneic models for lung cancer and multiple myeloma. In HUMiC project funded through EuroTransBio program Pharmatest develops patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of breast and prostate cancer, and associated 3D cell culture models. The total budget of Pharmatest is 1.73 mEUR for these projects.

Pharmatest has also participated in the following EU-projects in previous years:

-       D-SIST project (as coordinator, in Eurostars program)

-       PORAC project (in Eurostars program)

-       ERIC project (in EuroTransBio program)

-       DISC-SCREEN project (in Eurostars program)