About us

Pharmatest’s headquarters and preclinical research unit are located in Turku, Finland, where we operate in modern facilities including fully equipped research laboratories and barrier-type animal facilities. We have also sales office located in Boxborough, MA, USA and sales representative in Guangzhou, China.

Pharmatest can help you establish the proof-of-efficacy of your cancer drug candidates with clinically predictive cell culture assays, organotypic 3D models, orthotopic animal models, and disseminated cancer models. Our models of skeletal diseases include clinically predictive bone cell culture assays and animal models of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis that can also be used for bone safety testing.

Use the menu on the left to obtain further information about our historical background, management, quality assurance program and customer references. We have already served over a hundred different customers worldwide, including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and assisted them in their research to develop new therapeutics against cancer and skeletal diseases. Various nutraceutical companies have also used our services in developing new phytopharmaceutical products.

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