Our team

Our scientific team has years of experience in their areas of expertise. Committed and competent employees who are passionate about their work is our strength and fundamental part of customer centricity. We are eager to apply our scientific knowledge to your specific research needs.

A team of experts is dedicated to each customer project to ensure successful project execution from start to finish. You will work directly with our experts who will integrate the best forms of innovation and scientific thought. We embrace interdisciplinary communication, and the relevant scientific team members will work together to ensure the best practices for our projects.

We are devoted to deliver high-quality results and address the unique requirements of each customer.

Jukka Rissanen, PhD


Mari Suominen, PhD

Research Director

Jenni Mäki-Jouppila, PhD

R&D Director

Jukka Morko, PhD

Research Director

Justyna Zdrojewska, PhD

Research Director

Kati Rauva, BBA

Quality Assurance Manager

Katja Fagerlund, PhD

Research Director

Jukka Vääräniemi, PhD

Senior Scientist

Mervi Ristola, PhD