Quality Assurance

Pharmatest employs a quality assurance program to ensure the quality of our services. All projects are performed in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures, carefully following a Study Protocol that has been prepared by Pharmatest and accepted by the customer prior to the beginning of the project. After completing the project, Pharmatest prepares a Final Report containing all necessary information about the study, including a detailed description of the test system used, how the test was performed, all results, analysis of the results and conclusions.

All research in Pharmatest is performed with carefully optimized and validated assays. When you outsource your research to Pharmatest you can be sure that the results are obtained with best possible tools. All cell culture work is performed in our own state-of-the-art cell culture laboratories. Pharmatest animal facilities are high quality GLP-compliant research facilities administrated by Central Animal Laboratory of Turku University. Pharmatest has exclusive access to modern surgical operating rooms and large cage capacity of several thousand mice, rats and rabbits. The animal facilities are inspected regularly according to explicit Finnish animal legislative and GLP authorities, and they have been inspected and approved by several of our customers, including several big pharma companies.

All projects performed in Pharmatest include a baseline group with vehicle and without added compounds, and a control group with a known reference compound showing the desired effect in the test system. The results of the groups with test compounds are compared with the results of the baseline group to find out if the test compounds have an effect in the test system. We guarantee that the results we give to our customers are always obtained with assays that perform as expected. If the results of the control group are not as expected when compared to the results of the baseline group, Pharmatest will repeat the testing without additional costs to the customer.