We firmly believe that the only way to retain our competitive edge as one of the world’s leading preclinical CROs we must always make sure that we offer our customers the latest technology and the most predictive models. This requires an extensive focus on R&D and keeps us constantly modifying our current services and developing new products that will make your drug discovery more efficient. In order to achieve this goal, our R&D programs play a significant role.

If you believe that collaborating with Pharmatest could speed up your drug discovery, but we don’t currently offer the model or technology you require, please be sure to read more about our Co-development program, designed to provide our customers a customized fast-track approach to new models or technology. We are also ready to license  out our models for use in your own laboratories by your staff.

Pharmatest actively publishes all relevant findings from the research conducted at our R&D department or together with our customers. We have presented results from both our internal R&D studies and our customer projects in leading scientific events. Pharmatest is always ready for joint publication of results of our customer projects, and our staff is ready to prepare the meeting abstracts and presentations and present the results at no cost to the customer, if so requested by the customer.

Please see also our List of Publications for a complete list of our publications in scientific journals.