R&D programs

Innovative R&D: Advancing Oncology and Skeletal Disease Models 

Pharmatest offers efficacy models for oncology and skeletal diseases. We constantly develop new models and improve existing models for oncology and skeletal diseases as part of our strategy. Within oncology, we concentrate on orthotopic and metastasis models. Particularly in cancers that develop bone metastases like breast, prostate, lung cancer, and multiple myeloma. We also have various R&D activities in immuno-oncology, such as establishing disease models with humanized mouse models and immune cell killing assays in vitro. In the field of skeletal disease, our focus is in rare bone diseases, bone safety and versatile bone cell cultures.

The NK-ENGAGE project

Pharmatest Services is part of the ongoing NK-ENGAGE project (Novel Synthetic Polypeptides for Natural Killer Cell -mediated Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma). Project has been qualified as a Eurostars program and is driven by a Nordic research consortium including institutes and companies from Sweden, Norway and Finland. This Eurostars R&D project focuses on developing and providing preclinical proof of concept for a novel synthetic small polypeptide for NK cell-based immunotherapy as treatment of MM, which will be validated in novel preclinical models established by Pharmatest and Oslo University Hospital.

The NK-ENGAGE research consortium comprises of esteemed institutions and well-known biotech companies including Oncopeptides, Sweden and their collaborator the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Oslo University Hospital, Norway, and Pharmatest Services, Finland.

Pharmatest has also participated in the following national and EU-projects in previous years:

  • NanOrganoid consortium (the Academy of Finland funded consortium)
  • ACT project (in Eurostars program)
  • HUMiC project (in EuroTransBio program)
  • D-SIST project (as coordinator, in Eurostars program)
  • PORAC project (in Eurostars program)
  • ERIC project (in EuroTransBio program)
  • DISC-SCREEN project (in Eurostars program)