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Clinically predictive preclinical efficacy testing services at your disposal

MAY 31, 2019


Pharmatest Services has published an invited review article about preclinical bone metastasis models and a research article about the first humanized mouse model of bone metastasis. Humanized mouse models allow confirming efficacy of novel immunotherapies in bone metastatic microenvironment.

Pharmatest Services is a CRO that offers preclinical efficacy services in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases. In oncology Pharmatest has been the global leading expert in bone metastasis models since 2005.

Pharmatest has recently published the following two scientific papers:

-       Novel and Conventional Preclinical Models to Investigate Bone Metastasis

-       Human Immune System Increases Breast Cancer-Induced Osteoblastic Bone Growth in a Humanized Mouse Model Without Affecting Normal Bone

Tiina Kähkönen, the lead author in the publications says: “In Pharmatest, we are constantly developing novel bone metastasis models. Now, for the first time, we are bringing these models to humanized mice with functional human immune system, allowing to test the efficacy of immunotherapies on bone metastases.”

Jussi Halleen, CEO of Pharmatest comments: “The majority of deaths in breast, prostate, lung, and many other cancers are caused by bone metastases, and bone microenvironment changes tumor properties and induces drug resistance. I hope that our publications will help to convince the pharmaceutical industry about the importance of confirming compound efficacy in metastasis models before entering clinical trials.”