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Clinically predictive preclinical efficacy testing services at your disposal

DECEMBER 5, 2018


Pharmatest Services arranges an immuno-oncology seminar series about humanized mouse models during 2019. The first seminars are part of the Biocom seminar series and they will be held in San Francisco on January 22 and in San Diego on January 28.

A large amount of immunotherapies are currently under development, and reliable preclinical models are needed to confirm their efficacy before entering clinical trials. The Pharmatest 2019 seminar series includes speakers from many of our partners and covers extensively the utility of humanized mouse models in oncology.

Pharmatest has been the leading expert and provider of bone metastasis models for over 10 years. In the seminars Pharmatest will present humanized mouse models of bone metastasis, showcasing how immunotherapies can affect differentially tumor growth in metastatic sites than in primary tumors, demonstrating the importance of confirming compound efficacy in relevant metastasis models.

The following five seminars have been confirmed for 2019:

-       San Francisco, CA, USA, January 22 with Champions Oncology

-       San Diego, CA, USA, January 28 with Taconic Biosciences

-       Berlin, Germany, March 19 with EPO Berlin-Buch

-       London, UK, May 23 with Valirx Plc

-       Cambridge, MA, USA, September 19 with Taconic Biosciences

The first seminars in San Francisco and San Diego, titled “Pre-Clinical Efficacy Models for Immuno-Oncology Studies in Humanized Mice”, are part of the Biocom seminar series. You can register to the seminars from the following links:

-       Biocom seminar San Francisco Jan 22 (registration has closed)

-       Biocom seminar San Diego Jan 28 (registration has closed)

Pharmatest welcomes everyone to join the seminars to learn more about the use of humanized mouse models in preclinical efficacy studies in oncology, and to discuss with the expert speakers.