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JANUARY 20, 2020

Pharmatest in California, USA

Pharmatest will start the year 2020 with several events in California, USA. The first two, oncology seminars, are part of the Biocom seminar series and they will be held in San Francisco on January 21 and in San Diego on January 28. Topics discussed during the seminars include preclinical imaging, human immune system engrafted mouse models, and their use in preclinical oncology studies.

Our oncology experts will also attend Tumor Models event organized by Hanson Wade in San Francisco on January 22 – 24. At the Tumor Models event, Dr. Mari Suominen will have a speech titled ”Importance of Microenvironment in Evaluating IO Therapy Response in Humanized Mouse Models”. In her speech Dr. Suominen will discuss the basis of osteoimmunology and the potential of targeting immune cells in bone metastasis as well as effects of microenvironment on tumor growth and efficacy of immunotherapy.

Pharmatest will also have the following scientific presentations:

“Characterization of Anti-CTLA-4 Effects on Tumor Growth and Immune Microenvironment in a Syngeneic CT26.WT Colon Carcinoma Mouse Model”

“Efficacy of Pembrolizumab and Assessment of Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells in Bone Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer”.