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SEPTEMBER 19, 2018

Pharmatest launches new services in ASBMR

Pharmatest Services attends ASBMR Annual Meeting in Montreal, Canada on September 28 – October 1, 2018. In ASBMR Pharmatest launches two new services, a preclinical mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta and clinical bone marker measurement services.

Pharmatest Services (Pharmatest) is a CRO that offers preclinical efficacy services in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases. In skeletal diseases Pharmatest offers bone cell culture models and animal models of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Pharmatest now widens its portfolio of preclinical efficacy models in skeletal diseases by launching a mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). The model utilizes heterozygous (+/G610C) male mice that exhibit a variable form of OI (type IV).

Jussi Halleen, CEO of Pharmatest comments: “The OI model that we are now launching is our first model of rare bone diseases, and it strengthens our position as a CRO offering preclinical efficacy models in skeletal diseases.”

Pharmatest has strong expertise in performing bone turnover marker measurements in its preclinical efficacy models. Pharmatest now launches clinical bone marker measurements that are performed using the iSYS automated platform of Immunodiagnostic Systems Plc (IDS).

Katja Fagerlund, Research Director in the bone marker unit of Pharmatest says: “We have a long history in collaborating with IDS and offering bone turnover marker measurements in our preclinical studies. We are now very excited to start offering also clinical bone marker measurements using the IDS-iSYS automated platform.”