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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

Pharmatest Services Ltd received R&D funding from two EU-programs

Together with its European partners Pharmatest Services Ltd has received two positive funding decisions for its R&D projects, one from the Eurostars-program and the other from the EuroTransBio program of EU. Both fundings are for 3-year projects and include developing new preclinical efficacy models of oncology.

Pharmatest Services Ltd (Pharmatest) is a contract research organization that offers preclinical efficacy services for the pharmaceutical industry in the fields of oncology and skeletal diseases. Eurostars and EuroTransBio are funding programs of the EU especially for SMEs in European countries participating in the programs.

In the project funded by the Eurostars program (acronym ACT), the main focus of Pharmatest will be in developing novel types of breast cancer models. In the project funded by the EuroTransBio program (acronym HUMiC), Pharmatest will develop patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of breast and prostate cancer, and associated 3D cell culture models. The total budget of Pharmatest is 1.73 mEUR for these projects.

Dr. Jenni Bernoulli, R&D Director of Pharmatest says: “These new fundings are very important for Pharmatest, allowing us to develop new innovative state-of-the-art cancer models that will open new markets and business opportunities. Both projects are very challenging, but we are confident that we will be successful with our expert European partners and local academic collaborators”.