Despite COVID-19, we are operating at full capacity and all project work is operating as usual.

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MARCH 20, 2020

Pharmatest’s projects and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak

Pharmatest’s projects and safety during the COVID-19 outbreak

To ensure the health and safety of Pharmatest’s employees, we have adopted the following precautionary policies until further notice:

- No visitors will be allowed at Pharmatest’s offices, with the exception of essential vendors and maintenance.

- Pharmatest staff will not attend external in-person meetings or events but will participate virtually. Internal meetings are limited and recommended to be held virtually.

- All of our own events have been postponed to a later date.

- Pharmatest staff will work remotely as much as possible.

- The laboratory staff has been guided to work in alternating shifts and to pay special attention to hygiene.

Committed to ensuring the smooth continuation of customer projects

Our primary focus is the safety of our employees, the health and welfare of the animals in our care, and the ability of our customers to continue their critical research.

All project work is operating as usual, and many pre-emptive measures are in place to ensure the normal operation of our services. In case of employee illnesses, we have a deputy procedure that will be deployed in case it is needed. Project work will continue as normal even if the pandemic situation gets worse.

We are confident in continuing to provide our services despite the current uncertain situation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at