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Clinically predictive preclinical efficacy testing services at your disposal

Cancer models

Pharmatest is a CRO specialized in orthotopic and metastasis models, and as bone experts we have special expertise in bone metastasis models. The major advantage of these models is the proper tissue microenvironment that is known to affect tumor properties and drug resistance. This increases substantially the clinical relevance and predictivity over traditionally used subcutaneous models that lack the proper microenvironment.

The following table lists cancer cell lines that are available in Pharmatest for orthotopic and/or metastasis models.

Xenograft Models
With human cancer cell lines
Immunodeficient Mice
Humanized Mice
  Breast     MCF-7
  Fibrosarcoma   HT-1080
  Lung   A549
  Pancreatic      BxPC-3
Syngeneic Models
With mouse cancer cell lines
Immunocompetent Mice
  Breast    4T1
  Bladder    MBT-02
  Colon    CT26wt
  Lung    KLN-205
  Multiple Myeloma    5TGM1
  Renal    Renca


All cancer cell lines listed above are also available for in vitro cancer cell culture assays and subcutaneous animal models. In addition, we would be happy to set up new models for you including cancer cell lines that would be of interest to you and are not listed in the table. If your focus is on cancer bone metastases, we would also like to invite you to take a look at our in vitro osteoclast assays that are useful for testing novel cancer drug compounds targeting osteoclasts to inhibit the vicious cycle of cancer-induced bone disease.