Bone metastasis models

Drug efficacy evaluation in bone metastasis models - Why and How

Metastatic and primary tumors are known to respond differently to chemotherapy. Therefore, when establishing drug efficacy it is important not to rely only on experiments in primary tumor models but to also study the test compound in metastasis models. Organs can favor certain types of primary tumor cells, and therefore it is highly important to test compounds in models that provide the correct microenvironment for the metastases. Bone metastases in particular are a frequent source of pain for late-stage cancer patients and often very resistant to treatment due to the characteristics of the bone. A compound effectively treating or preventing bone metastases may also increase the overall survival.

Data deliverables in metastasis models

Depending on the model, parameters such as primary tumor volume, tumor burden, X-ray, DXA, serum tumor biomarkers and bone turnover markers, tumor and bone histomorphometry, and immunohistochemical analyses are available. Additionally body weight and clinical condition are always reported.

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