Pharmatest provides in vivo studies and ex vivo analysis services for immunotherapy drug development. We offer syngeneic models for breast, bladder, lung, colon and renal cancer, and multiple myeloma. These models can be conducted in orthotopic or metastatic setting, and modeling bone metastases is our key expertise. Pharmatest also offers customized model development for specific needs of our customers.

R&D activities of Pharmatest have concentrated in developing novel cancer models in humanized mice that recapitulate important aspects of the functional human immune system, allowing to study interactions between human cancer cells and human immune cells in their natural orthotopic and metastatic microenvironment. Readouts to monitor tumor growth or tumor-induced changes depend on the model used.

Pharmatest has strong expertise in immuno-oncology specific readouts and provides full service in flow cytometry analysis of immune cells from blood or tumor, cytokine level measurements from mouse serum by ELISA or multiplex assays, and immunohistochemistry of tumor sections. Flow cytometry and cytokine analysis provide valuable follow-up information about the effects of therapies on the quantity of circulating immune cells and cytokine levels, and immunohistochemical stainings are of high importance when characterizing effects of therapies to the quantity and location of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment as endpoint readout.

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