In vitro assays

Pharmatest’s in vitro cancer cell assays include assays of cell viability and cell invasion. Cell viability is measured using CellTiter-Glo® luminescent cell viability assay (CTG), a homogeneous method for determining the number of viable cells in culture. The cell viability assays are rapid and reliable screening tools for cancer drug discovery, and they can be combined with live cell imaging using IncuCyte.

Scratch Wound Migration and Invasion Assays

Scratch wound assay also known as wound healing is a technique used to study cellular migration and cell invasion potential. Cell migration is linked to many biological and pathological processes such as tissue re-organization/wound repair, immune cell trafficking, chronic inflammation and tumor metastasis which makes the assay broadly applicable.

This assay is a convenient method to investigate the effects of the cell-matrix and cell-cell interaction on cell migration under different experimental conditions.

The first step of the assay is to culture a confluent cell monolayer which represents the in vivo conditions of the tissue before wounding. After the wound is created, cell migration and invasion are observed with real time visualization until wound closure is reached which enables assessment of wound closure rates and morphological changes to cells.

Technique used by Pharmatest is designed to generate accurate and reproducible analysis results for wound healing assays, both for phase-contrast and fluorescence images.

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