Syngeneic mouse model of ovarian cancer

Majority of ovarian cancer cases are already at an advanced state at the time of diagnosis. Patients with advanced ovarian cancer typically eventually develop intraperitoneal carcinomatosis, for which cytoreductive surgery in combination with chemotherapy is considered standard treatment. However, additional treatment options are needed.

Models of intraperitoneal carcinomatosis are used in the preclinical evaluation of drug candidate efficacy. Fully immunocompetent models enable studying also immunomodulatory effects.

The HM-1 murine ovarian cancer cells are inoculated intraperitoneally in immunocompetent female mice to mimic the complexity of the tumor microenvironment of human peritoneal carcinomatosis. The model also involves build-up of ascites, which is typical for stage 3 and 4 ovarian cancer patients.

Pharmatest’s syngeneic mouse model offers an excellent tool to test your compound to treat ovarian cancer.

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