Why choose Pharmatest?

Quick and prompt customer service.

We will always reply to your inquiry within 48 hours of receival.

Fast and flexible access to innovative validated disease models.

Pharmatest offers high quality scientific expertise, skilled personnel, and research models with superior cost-to-performance ratio. Our methods are fully optimized to save your time and fixed costs. And if something that you are looking for is missing, we can set it up for you using our wide and deep in-house knowledge and full-scale laboratories, see Co-development & Licensing.

Precise reporting schedules.

Pharmatest guarantees strict adherence to agreed study protocols and schedules and delivers high quality results produced according to our QA system. The customer is updated regularly on the progress of the study, and we are always ready to arrange a teleconference to allow discussing with our experts and ask specific details of the study.

Clear and comprehensive deliverables.

Study data is delivered in a high quality Final Report and also in electronic form (e.g. Excel) on request. Results from studies performed by Pharmatest have been used in patent applications both as individual claims and supportive data, and Pharmatest’s Final Reports have qualified as such for patent applications and for obtaining regulatory approval from FDA and EMEA.

Clinically predictive.

Pharmatest offers carefully selected models with high clinical predictivity, and results of Pharmatest’s assays have been reproduced in early stage clinical trials. In other words, working with Pharmatest helps you reduce attrition in later phases of drug development!

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